Arbor Park in Grand Forks

Arbor Park is a hidden treasure in downtown Grand Forks and is a favorite stop for wedding parties. Arbor Park is in the news and the prospects that the park will be developed into office space is growing. We would like to share one of the images from a wedding we shot about two weeks ago. We have photographed the park summer and winter and it is such a beautiful place that holds special memories for many couples.





Our New Location/East Grand Forks

We have completed the move to our new location, and started with the first sessions today.

The historic Sweet Clover Dairy Building is the new home of Brian’s Photography at 404 4th Street NW. Its a really cool old building and the owners Jack Gregoire and Tony Palmiscno have done a great job with the space. We will post up more photos in the future when we get some of the details done. Its really exciting to be part of the East Side vibe. Our studio is the three windows on the second floor (Demers side) in the photo. We overlook a new pizza and pub that will be opening soon, and the road work out in front is completed so 4th Street NW is back open! (you can still see the barricade out in front of the place in the pic).


Stormy Weather

This was the view from our new location on Tuesday when that nasty storm moved through the region.


We’re moving!

We’ve got exciting news! We are moving to a new location! Yesterday (June 30th) was our last day at 32nd Ave, stay tuned for details and pictures of our new location! We can’t wait to share them with you!! You can still reach us at our regular phone number, our email address, or you can always send us a message through the contact us form on our website!

Hope everyone has a great Fourth of July!!

Tuesdays with Tipper

It’s been awhile since we posted something about our wonderful pup Tipper. He is doing great. We have been fortunate to have been spending sometime at the lake, even though the weather hasn’t been co-operating. Lately when we let him out in the morning he’ll sit by the garage and watch the house waiting to go some place, he must think we go every day. My wife Nancy has to say to him “come on Tipper, mommies gotta go to work” to get him to come back in. Now lately I have to say the same thing to get him to come, needless to say this is very embarrassing . Thank goodness the neighbors are usually gone by the time I head to the studio.

So here are a couple of pics:   His white tipped tail is constantly moving, something he still loves to chase every now and then.